April 13, 2012

Auto companies and the environment: we’re in it together

Collaboration in the automotive industry is key to reducing our environmental impact; it creates a bigger pool of best practices and encourages creative solutions amongst partners and competitors.

That’s why General Motors participates in organizations like Suppliers Partnership  – a partnership between car manufacturers, their suppliers and the EPA that works toward environmental protection. 

During its eight-year tenure – since the company helped found the partnership – GM has enacted changes to its supply chain, making it an instrumental piece of SP’s industry success. For example, GM worked alongside Federal Mogul, Heritage Environmental, GDC Inc. and Mobile Fluid Recovery to reuse cardboard boxes for use in Buick Verano and LaCrosse parts.

True to the industry it serves, SPE is evolving and growing to meet the demand of the industry and expand its impact on the environment.

It recently welcomed four additions to its ever-growing family: Honda, Hyundai, Nissan and Subaru join the existing 40+ members.  Participating companies include those in the chemicals, technology, recycling and components sectors; Ford, Chrysler, Denso, Goodyear, Johnson Controls and Quaker Chemical are just a handful of the big names involved.
SP has several work groups that pair members to address industry issues together. For example, the materials efficiency work group addresses ways to optimize packaging, reduce waste, promote reuse and maximize recycling. Other work groups include energy and water, chemical issues and technology and networking.

For example, GM shares its landfill-free experiences and best practices with SP partners, enabling them to understand and potentially integrate similar practices in their respective organizations.

With its growing membership, SPE looks to have an even greater impact on creatively addressing the environmental challenges of the industry.  And that’s a success to which all partners can contribute – together.

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