December 2, 2013

Selim Bingol

Take a Ride in the New FastLane

Welcome to the new FastLane, where you'll find one integrated blog with enhanced content from all areas of the company.

The launch of FastLane more than eight years ago was a milestone as GM was the first non-tech Fortune 100 company to blog.

FastLane represented a new way of directly engaging with consumers about our products and services. It quickly gained a loyal and substantial following and soon became an important voice for the company. FastLane helped open a dialogue between the company, our customers and car enthusiasts. Many of the posts attracted multiple comments from readers and, over time, created an engaged and lively community around the topic of personal transportation.

Soon Faces of GM was established to tell interesting stories about our employees and other advocates in their own words, and BeyondNow was started to focus on the company’s sustainability efforts.

Back then, we were learning on the run. Trying to figure out how to best reach our audiences who were getting information more and more from nontraditional sources.

Today, we’re still improving.  Technology has infiltrated nearly every aspect of our lives.  It has reprogrammed our media habits entirely.  Consumers actively seek out information and share that information with their own network of fans and friends.

So, in response, we’ve reprogrammed FastLane’s user experience for easy discovery and sharing of our stories on our many social web channels. We want to present our stories in a fresh way. Innovation isn’t a word to use just in vehicle development. We want to innovate in every part of our business, including how we interact with the people who are interested in today’s GM.

We present FastLane as one integrated blog with enhanced content from all areas of the company, including a new section called “Our Voices” where you’ll hear from me and other members of the leadership team.

We’ve included integrated social feeds for further engagement and readers will be offered related stories so they can find additional, relevant content. To stay current, readers can subscribe to notifications to get updates when new content is added.

We hope you enjoy the ride and look forward to hearing what you think.

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