Fitness Guru Goes Gaga Over Camaro

Why was Scott Herman at media days at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit earlier this year?

Yes, he does have a mini media empire with his website and his 50,000+-member Scott Herman Facebook community and his multitude of videos on YouTube channels like Scott Herman Fitness and Oh The Hermanity. But, he isn’t an automotive journalist. He’s a fitness coach from Salem, New Hampshire.

He chuckles as he says, “I’m friends with some really important people.” He goes on to explain, “I met Connie Burke who works at GM at a convention in Chicago called Naked Fitness. I was at the event because I’m a fitness enthusiast, but I also own a 2010 Camaro.” He explains that he then proceeded to pull out his phone and show Connie photos of the car he has christened “Jane.” Connie knew she had discovered a hard-core Camaro fan and she invited him to the Detroit Auto Show.

Scott Herman's 2010 Camaro "Jane"

Scott Herman's 2010 Camaro "Jane"

Scott wants you to understand that he isn’t a recent convert to Camaro. His first Camaro is just as old as he is. While in high school he bought a 1984 Camaro that he describes as “a piece of junk.” But he and his dad re-built it for four years and when they were done Scott says “it was the hottest car in the high school parking lot.” He named that one The Red Dragon. He’s saddened by the fact that the Red Dragon was damaged back in 2007 when another vehicle in his mom’s garage caught fire. He’d like to get it repaired, but he says, “The house is more important. Let’s get the house fixed first.”

Scott isn’t satisfied with quietly appreciating the qualities of his Camaro. In fact, Scott doesn’t do many things quietly. On the day he picked up his new Camaro at the dealership, he had his mother capture on video the entire process from before they walked in the dealer’s door until he drove it home. He has a video online showing him doing an oil change, another installing an aftermarket engine air intake and even one flirting with the OnStar operator.

When he got a chance to see the upcoming models at the NAIAS he wasPic - In Car stoked. “I love cars. My whole family, we’re all like muscle car kind of people, so it’s nice to see what the other brands are bringing out to have more power. You know it’s not just luxury any more, it’s luxury with an oomph. Like the CTS over there. Ridiculous!”

As we conclude our conversation Scott walks over to the upcoming 2011 Chevrolet Camaro convertible on the show floor, he opens the door and slips behind the wheel. As he slowly eases into the driver’s seat a large grin crosses his face. For a moment he’s almost at a loss for words. All he utters is “nice.” Then he turns and says, “That’s how I knew when I bought mine. When I sat in it and I had an ear-to-ear smile. It’s like, ‘Yep, this is what I’m getting.’”

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