Motherhood, Fried Pies, Blogging and Chevrolet

Jamie Harrington will tell you, “My background is in English literature. I taught kindergarten for five years.” And you can easily picture this fast-talking, energetic woman with pink-tinged hair educating, entrancing and entertaining a bunch of 5 year olds. So why is she sitting in her suburban Dallas kitchen in the middle of a school day? Because she is mom to 5-year-old Halle. “I’ve been blogging since before my kid was one. That’s the big thing, you want to be with your kid. Now in order to be with her I have to find something to do or else I’ll go insane. I’m not really a housewife. I’m a mom. I was never supposed to be a housewife and so many blogger girls will tell you that. We’re horrible at housework, but we’re awesome at being moms, so that’s why we found something to do in our time.”

Jamie turned to blogging and tweeting to release her creative and writing talents. Her posts made her a lot of friends online, including a woman from General Motors Communications. That led to invitations to take part in events like the “Chevy Fried Roadtrip” where Texas bloggers drove Chevrolet vehicles to a fried pie shop in Oklahoma where Jamie spent time behind the wheel of the 2010 Camaro and fell in love with it. Later she became a Malibu Mom and created a video showing just how many cans of soda the trunk can hold.

A sampling of Jamie's Chevrolet-related tweetsJamie says the relationship is symbiotic between companies like General Motors and mommy bloggers like her. The bloggers get to try out great new products – Chevrolet vehicles and OnStar for example – and the companies get word-of-mouth publicity from people who talk to a lot of folks online. She got involved because Chevrolet doesn’t tell her what to say. She says, “What’s neat is that GM is letting us run our own campaigns because we all do different things. I’m good at Twitter and making funny videos. Other people are really good at the cool blog posts. Some people are good at graphics. We get to do what we want to do. So that’s what’s been really fun.”

She also thinks having OnStar in her Chevrolet vehicles has been fun. “If it can tell me where the nearest Starbucks is, that’s cool. I care about the stuff that makes my life easier

Jamie says she’s a mom talking to other moms online and the fact that she talks about thePic - Jamie blogging vehicles from her mommy perspective makes her postings worth reading. “If I was tweeting ‘OMG, I love Chevy cars’ all day long, no one would follow me. But when I tweet: ‘OMG, there’s a Chevy film crew at my house’ people want to know more.” Click the video link below to see some of what the Chevy film crew saw that day.

If you want to know what Jamie thinks about Chevrolet or any other topic under the sun, you can follow her on Twitter @jamieharrington and on her blog at


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