Landmark Chevrolets From the Past 100 Years

What are some of the most significant Chevrolets of all time? That’s a question that could spur a lot of discussion. However, when we asked Greg Wallace, the manager of the GM Heritage Center, about the cars that shaped the future of Chevrolet and the industry, he didn’t hesitate.

Chevrolet history is a topic Wallace knows inside and out. He has run the GM Heritage Center since it was opened, and he has hundreds of Chevrolets in the collection. He knows the highlights from back in the days of Louis and Arthur Chevrolet, all the way up to the current-generation, best-ever Chevys.

After 100 years, lots of trivia has been generated around Chevrolet models. Here are some of the fun facts that we’ve stumbled across:

  • Chevy has been mentioned in more than 1,000 songs according to Kevin Mayer, director of advertising and promotions for Chevrolet.
  • The current-generation Camaro was cast as the automotive “star” of the Transformers movie series.
  • Chevrolet is one of the fastest growing brands globally.

But Wallace isn’t into trivia. He’s into facts and he knows that the 1914 Royal Mail edition Chevrolet was a landmark automobile for the brand. It had some options that were unheard of back in that time. Today you can’t even buy a vehicle without the options that were on the Royal Mail. What options are we referring to? Check out the video at the bottom of the page and you’ll see.

Which model had bowties on the hubcaps? That one made Wallace's list.

Many people feel the 1950s were the “golden age” for automobiles, and Wallace sees one car from that era that indicated a change in direction, as more power was delivered to drivers.

A 1960s-era Chevy also makes his list. As a matter of fact, the car Wallace singles out was the title character in a Jan and Dean song. Do you think you know what it is?

Another Chevy from the same era is also on the list of most important Chevrolets. It is still one of the most sought after cars by collectors around the world.

Another car on the list proudly wore this badge.

Finally, you’ll have to watch the video to see what current era Chevrolet is on Wallace’s list as pointing to the future direction of the brand and the industry.

We hate to be a tease, but if we just told you the models of all the cars, you’d miss out on seeing the video of the beautifully-restored models that are in the GM Heritage Center.

Take a look at the video and leave a comment below here or come on over to our GM Facebook page, and we can have a good discussion on Greg Wallace’s selections for the most significant Chevrolets.


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