Four More Wildlife Habitat Certifications Under GM’s Belt

General Motors has publicly stated their commitment to increasing native biodiversity at its facilities and certifying each of its manufacturing sites where feasible by 2020.

Today, we’ve backed up that statement by adding four more Wildlife Habitat Council certified sites to our roster, managing nearly 2,500 acres of wildlife habitat across 25 of its global sites.

With an additional Corporate Lands for LearningSM certification and three new Wildlife at WorkSM certifications, we continue to have more such certifications than any other automaker.

“Our natural resources have business value and we work to protect them,” said Mike Robinson, GM vice president of sustainability and global regulatory affairs. “These wildlife habitats also enable employees to take part in conservation efforts and help us strengthen our community ties.”

Our habitat efforts at our newly certified sites – Mogi das Cruzes in Brazil, Bowling Green (Ky.) Assembly (home of the Chevrolet Corvette), Desert Proving Grounds – Yuma and Drayton (Mich.) Warehouse –benefit the environment while increasing community awareness around wildlife preservation.

Such certified accomplishments include a wildlife habitat spread across 75 acres at Bowling Green (Ky.) Assembly, where students planted sunflowers and features blue bird boxes planted by a local Boy Scout troop; as well as an environmental week at Mogi das Cruzes, where employees can partake in outdoor activities and lectures on preserving nature, reusing materials, and saving water and energy.

The Wildlife Habitat Council’s program recognizes outstanding wildlife habitat management and environmental education efforts at corporate sites, and offers third-party validation of the benefits of such programs. Certification requirements require sites to apply for periodic renewal.  Five additional GM facilities achieved Wildlife at Work recertification, having continued successful wildlife habitat management programs.

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