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Jamie Meyer, Chevrolet performance marketing manager, created wish lists for our Camaro owners and enthusiasts who may have been good enough to receive an extra special visit from Performance Parts…

With the Holiday just around the corner, many of our Corvette and Camaro engineers will get a well-deserved break. Yet many will relax only to find visions of pistons thumping and engines rumbling on their minds. Nowhere is this truer than inside the Chevrolet Performance team where engineers design parts and accessories to turn already capable GM vehicles into forces to be reckoned with. We have a feeling they are not alone and there other “gearheads” out there who have the same ambitions for their cars and trucks.

At SEMA 2012, this year the Chevrolet Performance team released a new parts catalog showcasing new performance parts, engines, and accessories available to surprise and delight any Santa interested in tuning up his sleigh. To help show off some of the parts available in the new catalog, we had Jamie Meyer, Chevrolet performance marketing manager, create a wish lists for our Camaro owners and enthusiasts who may have been good enough to receive an extra special visit from Performance Parts Santa.

Chevrolet Camaro Performance Wish List

Customers who buy the factory equipped Camaro already show an inclination toward the faster side of life. Here are some parts from the catalogue you’ll want to on your Camaro wish list:

  • Camaro 1LE Track Pack (231023311)
    Looking for greater capability in curves as you dodge runaway shopping carts in parking lots during your last minute holiday shopping – or hugging curves on the track? Search no more! The Camaro 1LE Track Pack will make sure your 2010+ Camaro SS or Camaro V6 keeps you in control with all “4 on the floor” in tight turns using similar components as the 1LE performance package.
  • Camaro ZL1 Brembo Front and Rear Brake Kits (22959672/22989384)
    As you’re out and about dashing through the snow with all that new power, having the ability stop when you need to is important! Upgrade the front brakes on your 2010-and-later Camaro SS or V-6 model with the larger brakes from the supercharged Camaro ZL1 – including racing-style front two-piece, 14.6-inch front rotors and six-piston Brembo calipers with aluminum housings and rear 14-inch rotors paired with four-piston aluminum calipers – all with the ZL1 logo.
  • Camaro ZL1 HD Driveline Kit (22959394/22959395)
    Because Uncle Larry is going to eat your favorite dessert first if you don’t arrive to Grandma’s on time, we know how important it is to have the “giddy up and go” when you need it. The Camaro ZL1 HD Driveline Kit will help 2010-and-later Camaros deliver the strength required to put big power to the pavement. There are kits for both manual and automatic transmissions available.
  • New LS3 head & LS7 cam kit (19300535)
    Who needs reindeer when you can have more horsepower? Chevrolet Performance has engineered a new cylinder head and camshaft package for LS3-powered Camaros and Corvettes that pumps up the engine output an additional 40 horsepower! That’s a 9% gain over stock!
  • Performance Exhaust Upgrade Package
    Make sure they hear you coming in style (that’s a safety feature, right?) with an upgraded look and sound from the tuned, emissions-legal bolt-on exhaust kits. Not only do these kits deliver great performance sound, they also help reduce restriction which can help increase performance – especially when paired up with other powertrain performance parts.
  • Exterior strip packages
    Performance is not only about being fast, but also looking fast and great while you’re doing it. That’s why we have several different performance graphic packages available to add gill, heritage, rally stripes, and other decals to your Camaro.

To see more info on the parts above or all the upgrades available from the Chevrolet Performance Catalog for 2013, head over to

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