Chevrolet Test Track Ride Gives Riders Total Control

While visiting one of the most “magical places on earth”, make sure to spend some time at the brand new Test Track presented by Chevrolet at Epcot.

With mid-winter and early Spring breaks approaching many families may be thinking of planning a vacation. What better place to spend some time in the winter than sunny Florida at Walt Disney World? While visiting one of the most “magical places on earth”, make sure to spend some time at the brand new Test Track presented by Chevrolet at Epcot. The attraction was reopened in December and offers a fun and educational experience perfect for the car enthusiast in every family (and even those who aren’t).

General Motors has had a relationship with Disney since the 1970’s and it continues with the reopened Test Track presented by Chevrolet at Epcot. This isn’t your normal “turn style” ride. The new “re-imagineered” Test Track offers Walt Disney World Resort guests a one-of-a-kind experience where they enter the world of automotive design making it a “must-see” on your family vacation.

In December Kristin of the Manic Mommies and her family attended a special media event to get a sneak peek of the new ride. Kristin claimed that the original Test Track was one of her favorite rides and was worried that the new ride wouldn’t hold up.

Luckily, it sounds like she was pleasantly surprised with the new “re-imagineered” version that incorporates personalization, design and education into a fun and exciting ride that still “flings you outside of the building.” Kristin especially liked the element of education that was present throughout the ride that allowed her daughter to create a hot pink muscle car with turbo engines that fit her personality perfectly.

The ride is a ton of fun for all ages because of the hands-on activities throughout the course of the ride that still offers all the thrill and excitement you can expect from a Disney ride.

The Disney Imagineers and Chevrolet Designers created an experience that offers personalization for each individual rider every step of the ride. The attention to detail was achieved from the Disney designer’s visits to Detroit during the design stages to see first-hand what goes into designing a Chevy vehicle.

“Test Track tells the Chevrolet story,” said Imagineer Melissa Jeselnick. “Putting their design to the test engages guests and inspires their imagination.”

In the “preshow” riders design a concept vehicle and can see how changing parts of their design affect the capability, efficiency, responsiveness and power of the vehicle. Then, riders put their design to the test and board their “SimCar” vehicle to see how the design performs throughout the ride when obstacles and changing road conditions are thrown their way. Next, during the “post show” riders can see how their car stacked up against the others; design a commercial for their car and much more.

The Test Track is something all car fans must ride and is great way to spend some time while one a family vacation. Where else can guests get the experience to create, test and promote their own Chevrolet concept vehicle?

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