GM Partners with AT&T to Bring 4G LTE to GM Vehicles

General Motors will offer a new generation of connected cars and trucks with built-in 4G LTE mobile broadband.
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At GM our mission is to design, build and sell the world’s best vehicles, and with the rapid advancements of in-vehicle technologies, the potential for us to produce vehicles that truly enhance the driving experience is greater than ever before.

As the head of GM’s Global Connected Consumer business unit, I see huge opportunity in creating vehicles that will allow our customers to bring their digital life into their vehicle and the vehicle into their digital life. That is why I am proud to announce that by mid-2014, General Motors will offer a new generation of connected cars and trucks with built-in 4G LTE mobile broadband, allowing for several potential consumer benefits, such as an in-vehicle Wi-Fi hot spot; faster, real-time apps; enhanced safety features and new infotainment options, like streaming videos in vehicles’ back seats. Additionally, 4G LTE allows for a more interactive voice and data service experience, which in turn provides an enhanced interaction with OnStar.

For 4G LTE mobile broadband in the U.S. and Canada, we partnered with AT&T to build an embedded connection specifically designed for vehicles and using an external antenna to provide maximum coverage and connectivity. With 4G LTE, our vehicles will become rolling mobile devices so customers do not have to rely solely on their own smartphone to stay connected while on the road.

We anticipate that our built-in 4G LTE will be attractive to third-party engineers and developers to create new in-vehicle applications for our customers. The 4G LTE network will provide engineers and developers with a fast, reliable mobile platform and will also enable vehicle-specific applications — ones that can tap into data provided by the vehicle, such as fuel levels, oil life and maintenance needs.

As we rollout 4G LTE connectivity and other in-vehicle innovations, safety — as always — is our top priority. We plan to deliver all this technology in a safe, well integrated manner to minimize distraction.

You will find 4G LTE on the majority of 2015 Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac models available in the U.S. and Canada. For those of you living in other parts of the world, this is the first stage of a global rollout. We plan to expand 4G LTE capabilities to all markets where we sell GM vehicles.

Mary Chan joined General Motors in May 2012 as President Global Connected Consumer. With her background in the consumer electronics / enterprise solutions business and experience in the global wireless networks space she is driving the set up and execution of GM’s strategic global infotainment plans, OnStar’s global expansion, as well as a strong integration of all in-vehicle connectivity services and solutions across the GM vehicle brands.

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