Chevrolet Cruze Diesel: Why Diesel? Why Now? – Cristi Landy

This spring, Chevrolet is introducing our Chevy Cruze with a 2.0L turbo diesel engine.

Here at Chevrolet, we are always looking for new ways to meet our customers’ needs. This spring, Chevrolet is introducing our Chevy Cruze with a 2.0L turbo diesel engine—offering a domestic diesel option in the non-luxury car segment as well as viable solution to the need for increased MPG without sacrificing performance. In addition, the engine on the Cruze diesel is one of the cleanest turbo engines General Motors has ever produced.

We’ve seen that diesels are still a niche market for cars, but there is a lot of growth currently happening here in the U.S., and many customers are extremely enthusiastic about diesel. Specifically, we chose to offer the Cruze in North America because we have already seen success with a similar vehicle in Europe.  Here in the US, diesel passenger car buyers are limited- we hope to bring new people into the brand by offering a refined and well contented option.

Customers will also be able to tell the difference in performance when they get behind the wheel—it definitely has a different character than the traditional gas engine. The diesel has more torque and better acceleration while maintaining a smooth and quiet ride at highway speeds. People who love a powerful engine will definitely like driving the Cruze diesel—it really is a great reliable and durable technology and quite frankly, is fun to drive.

What’s great about the diesel is that it offers great highway fuel economy, power and torque. So it’s a fantastic option for those who want hybrid-like fuel economy and range without sacrificing performance.

The Cruze Diesel will eventually be available nationwide, but we will start by selling it in 13 key markets where diesel vehicles have already had high sales. We’re happy to offer the Cruze diesel and know we have an enthusiastic group of customers eager to drive one.

We are certainly excited about the entry of the Cruze and think it is going to continue to bring in new customers to the brand.  With more than half of all diesel purchases occurring in the passenger car segment, diesel is becoming more popular. We are pleased to be the first domestic passenger car diesel available in the US – and eager to become a leader in the segment.

cq5dam.web.1280.1280 (3)Cristi Landy is the product marketing director for Chevrolet small cars, which currently include the Volt, Cruze, Sonic and Spark. Landy joined General Motors in 1989 as a product engineer for Saturn. Throughout her career, she has held a variety of positions in engineering, marketing and program management.

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