America Recycles Day: Rethink Waste and Make Recycling Easy

On America Recycles Day, take some time to consider how you can reset your recycling goals, both at home and at work.

Even though there is only one official day designated as America Recycles Day, we embody the spirit of today 365 days a year, both at home and at work.

From turning our own plant byproducts into new car parts to helping our scrap find an even better life like our project insulating coats for the homeless, we like to think of waste as merely a resource out of place.

That type of philosophy is what helps us achieve a 90 percent recycle rate at our manufacturing facilities. And taking it a step further, 107 of our facilities are completely landfill-free, recycling, reusing or converting to energy all waste from daily operations. Think about it: that one bag of trash you put to the curb each week is more waste to landfill than these 107 facilities combined.

So let’s train our brains to re-imagine waste.

Think about not what it is now, but what it can be. Like shipping crates to raised urban garden beds. Or scrap Chevrolet Volt battery houses into bat houses.  Channel that creativity and help us leave a smaller footprint.

Sometimes it’s as easy as making recycling convenient. For your home, use one of those trash bins that has two separate sections so you don’t have to take an extra step to dispose of your recyclables. At work, use a tray to gather your used paper so you can dump it in the recycling bin only when it’s full. Make the sorting process efficient and simple.

There are many ways to recycle that don’t take much effort. Let’s use today to reset our recycling goals. Take a pledge. Commit to act.

Then tell us in the comments: How will you recycle more?

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