Trends from CES 2014: Wearable Technologies

See the latest in real-time data and wearable technologies from CES
CES 2014 Coverage

Automotive technologies are one of the most buzzed about trends from the International CES 2014. Chevrolet for example, introduced the Performance Drive Recorder for the 2015 Corvette Stingray – an industry-first system that features integrated video, audio and motorsport-inspired telemetry recording capability. The fully integrated system enables users to review and analyze real-time data like speed, rpm and g–force, helping them find opportunities to improve their driving and lap times.

Drivers aren’t the only ones benefiting from access to real-time data. Many new and exciting wearable technologies are on display this year that collect, track and analyze real-time information to users to improve their lives.

Christen Rochon, founder and editor for digital lifestyle blog, is on the scene to take a closer look at the wearable technologies that connect users to sleep better, improve fitness and ultimately live well. Check out the video above to learn more as Christen explores the CES show floor.

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