Answers to Your Questions on the Ignition Switch Recall

General Motors CEO, Mary Barra, responds to your most frequently asked questions

Whether it’s to our call center, on social media or by email, we’ve received a lot of questions about the ignition switch recall since announcing it in late February, and I want to take a moment to respond to you, our customers.

Our focus is on making this recall go smoothly for all of you who are affected and to make sure we improve our process so this does not happen again.

With that in mind, below are videos where I answer some of your most pressing questions about the recall.

Is my car safe to drive?

When can I get my car fixed?

Why the delay announcing the recall?

Can we be sure this won’t happen again?

Message to customers -

Thanks for listening, and for a full list of vehicles affected by the ignition switch recall and what to do if your vehicle is included, please visit the Ignition Switch Safety Information.

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