GM’s New Customer Engagement Center Assists in Ignition Switch Recall Efforts

The center has become a showcase of GM’s customer-centric focus

“The Customer is our Compass” reflects the mindset behind the creation of GM’s new Customer Engagement Center in Warren, Mich.  Since taking the first call last spring, the center has become a showcase of GM’s customer-centric focus and is now also playing a pivotal role in providing fast, open and transparent answers to customers who are affected by the recently announced recalls.

When we looked for the best possible location for the new Customer Engagement Center, we identified the GM Technical Center campus. A total of approximately 300 advisor positions and 35 team leaders and management positions were filled here – bringing hundreds of jobs back to the United States.

One of the most important things was to make sure we hired the right people for the job. Every one of our advisors has a passion for the customer. We make every effort to engage them so that they bring their hearts and minds to the job and we train them on the skills and knowledge they need to excel at their job.

Since GM announced the ignition switch recall, the center has seen more than double the amount of calls during peak times from typical daily call volumes. Up to 100 dedicated, specially trained advisors have been available to quickly assist customers with questions on this issue alone, bringing down the average wait time to less than a minute.

The Customer Engagement Center is part of a larger effort to create an outstanding overall experience for all of our customers. It begins on the product development side where we apply the latest scientific engineering tools to design, engineer and build high-quality cars and trucks. And it continues throughout the ownership with our Social Media team that monitors popular online forums to assist customers over the web and a team of 50 dedicated Connected Customer Specialists supporting dealers and customers on infotainment across the U.S.

It is a reflection of the new customer-centric focus in General Motors to strive to provide the best overall experience in the industry. We are here for our customers no matter what the issue might be, big or small – in an open, transparent and honest way.

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