Hot Hues: Chevrolet Goes Bold With Special Edition Colors – Krysti Murphy

Designer Krysti Murphy explains where she gets her inspiration for bright vehicle colors

In a world full of color, why should cars be just black and white? Well, for buyers of the Chevrolet Camaro or the Sonic, they aren’t. Each of these vehicles is offered in a palette of special edition colors that includes Deep Magenta Metallic, Cool Blue, and the latest, Dragon Green.

At Design, we are always studying the next must-have colors. We find inspiration in everything from fashion to trend sites, furniture pieces, sporting equipment and even the shoe industry.

A trend that we started to see make its way here from Asia was the use of pinks and fuchsias. Those trends helped us develop Luscious Pink for the Spark and Deep Magenta Metallic for Sonic. These bright colors are more attention grabbing both on the road and on dealer’s showroom floors, helping us keep our existing customers coming back and also attracting new ones.

When we are developing a new color, like the Magenta Metallic, we try to design something that both the male and female consumer will like. After we’ve developed a color, we’ll create renderings of the vehicles to confirm that the color works on a larger canvas. It’s also important for us ensure the color will last longer than a fashion season.

For Sonic and Camaro, the vehicles themselves have a lot more personality and form vocabulary so they can take on the vivid colors. Additionally, we find that the consumers for both these vehicles develop strong emotional bonds with their cars, and an expressive color allows them to personalize that.

In general, the performance car buyer tends to be more open minded and expressive, which is why special edition colors are a great fit, for both the vehicles and the customers.

Krysti Murphy is a Creative Designer for exterior paint. Prior to her current role, she worked on Cadillac for interior color and trim.

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