Recognizing Safety Recall Notices from GM

When safety recalls occur, customers receive notice via postal mail and it’s imperative to read the contents.

GM has redoubled its commitment to customer safety and a major part of that is ensuring customers are alerted when any safety recalls happen. To make sure you know how to recognize important safety-related mail, check out the video above from GM Vice President of Vehicle Safety Jeff Boyer.

It is important whenever you receive a Safety Recall Notice letter to always open them immediately and carefully read the instructions. They explain the steps you should take to ensure your safety and get your vehicle repaired.

This information applies to all safety recalls, and if you own a GM vehicle subject to the ignition switch recall, you should have already received your Safety Recall Notice in the mail.

If your vehicle is part of the ignition switch recall and you did not receive a letter, or you’re looking for more information and ongoing updates on the GM Ignition Switch Recall, please visit

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