A Sort of Homecoming – Mark Reuss

Detroiter reunited with beloved Corvette after 33 years.

This story, and especially the accompanying video, is sure to warm your heart, as it did mine.

By now many of you have heard the saga of George Talley, 71, whose 1979 Corvette was stolen off a Detroit street 33 years ago. The vehicle was recently discovered in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, in pretty good shape and with just 47,000 miles on the odometer. The problem was that George had no way of getting his Vette home.

It didn’t sit right with us that this man, a former GM employee no less, had a chance to be reunited with a car he never expected to see again, but the final step was proving elusive. Compared to finding the stolen car, this should be the easy part!

So GM made arrangements to ship George’s car home for him.

The reason we did this is simple: Passion. George still has the same passion, even after all these years, for his Corvette as I do for mine, and as all Corvette owners do for their cars. That car belongs back home in Detroit with its rightful owner, George Talley, who used to work at our Milford Proving Ground in tire and wheel systems. We saw a great opportunity to take care of a customer and we acted on it.

Take a look at the link to see what happened when George saw his Corvette for the first time since he parked it on Jefferson Ave. in July 1981. When you watch the video, I’m sure you’ll smile right along with him, just like I did.


To read more about the reunion, visit the GM Media site.


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