Warren Buffett praises his Cadillac dealer experience

What started as a sale like any other turned into an encounter salesperson Madison Willers will never forget.

When sales person Madison Willers greeted a woman at Huber Cadillac in Omaha, Neb., she treated her as she does all of her other customers: with a smile. “My job is to show and tell, and to provide our customers with the Cadillac that best meets their needs.” Unbeknownst to Madison, the woman asking about purchasing a new Cadillac CTS was Susie Buffett, daughter of Warren Buffett.

Not knowing who the ultimate customer was, Madison asked detailed questions about the lifestyle of the driver, and soon determined that a XTS would be a better fit. Only after the vehicle was sold did she learn that the car was for Mr. Buffett. Madison went in on her day off to get the vehicle ready for delivery to Mr. Buffett, and personally drove it to his place of work to drop it off.

Mr. Buffett’s purchase stemmed from a conversation he had with GM CEO Mary Barra in mid-May.  The conversation, which centered on the recent improvements made to the Cadillac nameplates, convinced him that it was time to upgrade from his 2006 Cadillac DTS.

Mr. Buffett was so pleased by the way Madison and the Huber Cadillac team worked with his daughter that he reached out to GM CEO Mary Barra to praise their performance. To read the letter that Mr. Buffett sent to Mary, click on it in the gallery. Also, learn how the story unfolded from Madison’s point of view by following this link.

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