Safety Means A Single Key

Mary Barra discusses the importance of removing added weight from your key ring.

It’s been more than five months since GM first announced the ignition switch recall. In this time, we have worked very hard to communicate to owners of the affected vehicles the importance of using only a single key while driving, with nothing else on the key ring, until their vehicle is repaired.

And as our Global Vehicle Safety Vice President Jeff Boyer points out in the video below, it’s also very important before exiting your vehicle to make sure it’s in “Park,” or for a manual transmission, shift it into reverse gear; and regardless of the transmission, set the parking brake.

Our supplier now has four production lines running full-time, with three shifts each, manufacturing replacement parts, and our dealers have repaired more than 477,000 vehicles. But our work to communicate the key safety message of a single key won’t stop until the last vehicle is repaired.

This week, we will take another step by running English and Spanish language print advertising in major newspapers across the country to reinforce the importance of using a single key – a safety imperative that not only applies to the original ignition switch recall, but to the additional ignition-related recalls we’ve announcedTo view a sample of the advertisement, click here.

We understand how important these recalls are to you. We have made great progress in expediting your repairs and we promise to keep you updated as we move forward. I am also confident we are learning from this and are becoming a better company. We are committed to setting new industry standards for safety, quality and excellence, and we will not rest until we have gained your continuous trust…in your vehicle and our company.

And, please remember to always wear your seat belt.

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